SGP Group/Virtual Collective Invest in Agera Acoustics from Noise Republic 

Cristo Hattingh from SGP Group a division of Virtual Collective and Gary Furman of Noise Republic have a history going back 26 years in the professional audio industry. Gary (General Manager at Noise Republic) commented…“I joined the professional audio industry in 1997 and the company I worked for had close ties to the late George Hattingh of Hattech, a legend in the South African professional audio industry. I was fortunate enough to have George as a teacher at the sound engineering academy I was enrolled at, and Cristo, George’s son, and I being of similar ages always got along well. That is why, when I joined David Myers, founder and owner of Noise Republic in January 2022 moving from “A” brand territory into OO (our own) brand territory, there was only one guy we wanted to listen to our product and get his opinion, and that was Cristo. Our reasons were two-fold, number 1 being that Cristo has worked with the top brands in the industry and number 2, that Cristo would give us honest feedback on his thoughts with respect to the products we were developing under the proudly South African Agera Acoustics brand.”

Noise Republic had 3 column arrays that had already been launched into the market and were doing very well against more established brands. With Agera Acoustics’ reputation growing in the market, customers were asking for conventional loudspeakers that offered the same great quality and value as the column arrays, and Noise Republic was about to go into production with a range of point-source loudspeakers to satisfy their needs. “Cristo came over to have a listen to our sample unit’s pre-final design and I remember him being particularly impressed with the wooden enclosure SWC-12A active 12-inch 2-way loudspeaker. Not too long after that, SGP Group’s first Agera Acoustics purchase was a pair of CA-12A column arrays, our entry-level column array offering yet the most popular model in the range. The column array ticked their boxes for having superior audio quality and the required features in a portable and competitively priced package compared to other products in the market.”…added Gary

Recently Johan Marais also of SGP Group, asked Gary to quote on a range of the Agera Acoustics SWC point source loudspeakers for their hire department. Their goal was to have a rental inventory that offered the performance required for a broad range of applications yet would also offer a beneficial ROI for the business. SGP Group decided on 12 x SWC-12A and 12 x SWC-15A active 2-way loudspeakers with 8 x SWC-18SA active subwoofers. Cristo commented, “We needed to expand our company portfolio for both our regular clientele and the dry hire market to ensure that we offer reliable active loudspeakers.” Johan stated, “We needed to look at our ongoing clientele for events as well as service our dry hire clients, and to reduce sub-hire we needed to do our own events.”.

“If there is one thing the Covid epidemic and its effects on the industry has taught us, it is that products that are fit for purpose, offer a superior ROI, and are backed up by the right people make sense in a business environment where competition is high, rental prices are under pressure and availability of products and spares from international suppliers is scarce.”…commented Gary.

SGP Group is a premiere audio technology solutions company offering high-end solutions for a wide range of events. From high-end private events to stadium extravaganzas.

Noise Republic (Pty) Ltd is a professional audio distributor based in Rivonia, Sandton, South Africa. Agera Acoustics, SE Audiotechnik, Kali Audio, and CAD Audio are brands represented by Noise Republic.