4K Ultra HD 600 MHz HDBaseT Extender w/ HDR, 2-way IR, and POL


Extend Full-Bandwidth HDMI 2.0 w/ HDR up to 40 meters/132 feet, over a single CAT-5

The Gefen GTB-UHD600-HBTL is a compact and high-performance solution for extending full-bandwidth HDMI 2.0 audio/video with HDR up to 40 meters (132 feet), over a CAT-5e or better cable. It supports 18.2 Gbps of data throughput and 600 MHz TMDS Clock frequency, the highest specified under the HDMI 2.0 standard. This extender uses HDBaseT™ technology along with Gefen’s visually lossless proprietary compression algorithms with very high PSNR (Peak Signal to Noise Ratio), to accommodate resolutions up to 4K Cinema-DCI (4096 x 2160 to 60 Hz 4:4:4) and 4K Ultra HD (3860 x 2160 to 60 Hz, 4:4:4) with HDR. High Dynamic Range (HDR) delivers greater contrast between light and dark areas of a video image, resulting in tremendous improvement in picture quality and color depth. HDCP 2.2 and the legacy HDCP 1.4 are both supported. The GTB-UHD600-HBTL also supports 1080p Full HD, WUXGA (1920 x 1200), 3DTV, and Deep Color (up to 1080p resolution). Highest performance multichannel digital audio including 7.1 channels of LPCM and HBR (High Bit Rate) digital audio formats, such as Dolby Atmos®, Dolby® TrueHD, DTS:X™, and DTS-HD Master Audio™ are passed through to the HDMI outputs. The GTB-UHD600-HBTL provides 2-way IR extension between the Sender and the Receiver units, facilitating the control of A/V sources placed near the Sender unit and sending automation commands to the display or another device placed near the Receiver unit. Gefen’s Bi-Directional POL (Power Over Line) technology powers the Sender or the Receiver unit using the same cable that extends the HDMI signal. Only one of the two units will need a power supply. This feature simplifies installation in cases when an electrical outlet may not be available near the source or the display. Small, low profile enclosures can be securely surface-mounted and conveniently hidden away from sight, and accommodate Gefen locking HDMI cables for secure connections.

Shielded (STP) CAT-6A is recommended. Shielded (STP) CAT-5e or unshielded (UTP) CAT-5e or CAT-6A may be acceptable depending on cable quality but is not the preferred choice. Care should always be given to keep these cables away from power lines and other sources of electromagnetic interference.

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  • Supports 18.2 Gbps bandwidth and 600 MHz TMDS clock
  • Extends HDMI & Bi-Directional IR over a single CAT-5e/CAT-6A:
    • 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 to 60 Hz, 4:4:4), up to 132 feet/40 meters (8-bit color)
    • 4K Cinema (DCI) (4096 x 2160 to 60 Hz 4:4:4), up to 132 feet/40 meters (8-bit color)
    • 1080p Full HD (60 Hz) and WUXGA (1920 x 1200 to 60 Hz), up to 200 feet/60 meters (up to 12-bit Deep Color)
  • HDMI Features Supported:
    • HDMI 2.0 (full bandwidth to 18 Gbps/600 MHz)
    • HDR (High Dynamic Range) 10-bit color at 4K 60 Hz 4:2:0 and 4K 24 Hz 4:4:4
    • HDCP 2.2 and 1.4
    • 12-bit Deep Color (at 1080p)
    • Uncompressed LPCM digital audio up to 7.1 channels
    • HBR (High Bit Rate) digital audio up to 7.1 channels, including Dolby Atmos®, Dolby® TrueHD, DTS:X™, and DTS-HD Master Audio™
    • 3DTV pass-through
    • CEC pass-through
    • Lip Sync pass-through
  • Supports the use of DVI sources and DVI displays up to 1080p Full HD and WUXGA (1920×1200), with Gefen CAB-DVI2HDMI-LCK DVI-to-HDMI cables (not included)
  • Gefen’s Bi-Directional POL provides power to the Sender or the Receiver unit over the link cable – only one side will need external power
  • Uses Gefen’s implementation of HDBaseT™ technology with proprietary algorithms and enhanced features
  • Advanced EDID Management
  • Firmware updatable via external Gefen Syner-G™ port
  • Locking power connector
  • Surface mountable
  • Plug & Play – no configuration or set-up required for most applications
  • Compact enclosures are easy to install and can be hidden away

* Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Shipping Info:

Unit of Measure:

10.5 (Inches)
6.75 (Inches)
3.75 (Inches)
1 (Lbs)

Other Specifications:

Maximum TMDS Clock
Total Signal Bandwidth/Data Rate
Video Input Connector (Sender)
Video Output Connector (Receiver)
Link Connector (Sender/Receiver)
Gefen Syner-Gâ„¢ port (Sender)
Gefen Syner-Gâ„¢ port (Receiver)
IR In/Ext port (Sender/Receiver)
IR Extender type
IR Out port (Sender/Receiver)
Power Indicator LED (Sender/Receiver)
Link Indicator LED (Sender/Receiver)
HDMI-Active Indicator LED (Sender/Receiver)
Power Supply
Power Consumption (Sender and Receiver combined)
Operating Temperature
Operating Humidity
Storage Temperature
Storage Humidity
Dimensions (W x H x D, Sender/Receiver)
Net Weight (Sender/Receiver)
Shipping Weight

600 MHz
18.2 Gbps
(1) HDMI Type A 19-pin, female, locking
(1) HDMI Type A 19-pin, female, locking
(1) RJ-45, shielded
(1) 3-pin Phoenix
(1) 3-pin Phoenix
(1) 3.5mm mini-stereo jack
(1) 3.5mm mini-mono jack
(1) Blue
(1) Green
(1) Green
(1) 12V DC, locking plug, 5.5mm barrel/2.1mm pin
14W maximum
+32 to +113 °F (0 to +45 °C)
5% to 90% RH, non-condensing
-4 to +185 °F (-20 to +85 °C)
0% to 95% RH, non-condensing
50000 hours
4.7″ x 1″ x 2.9″ (119mm x 26mm x 73mm)
0.3 lbs. (0.14 kg) each
2.1 lbs (0.95 kg)

In The Box:

Sender Unit (GTB-UHD600-HBTL-TX)
Receiver Unit (GTB-UHD600-HBTL-RX)
HDMI-to-HDMI Male-to-Male Locking cable, 6 feet
12V DC power supply with US/EU/UK/AU reginal AC plugs and 5.5mm/2.1mm DC plug (EXT-PS121.5AIP-LP-6)
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