Agera Acoustics CA15-2K


Agera Acoustics’ CA15-2K mobile linear array audio system consists of 3 x 8-Inch neodymium magnet passive linear array full-range speakers, 12 x 1-Inch dome tweeters + 1 x 15-Inch active subwoofer. The cabinet has a built-in 4-channel mixer and dual-channel power amplifier. The system is completed with a height-adjustable telescopic stand with integrated cabling. Suitable for activations, small and medium band performances, DJs, conferences, speech reinforcement, music playback, and other applications.

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  • Built-in powerful 24-bit DSP speaker processing module with gain, EQ, delay, limiter, program memory, and other functions. You can choose default settings or optimize the settings by yourself.
  • Efficient 2-way 700W + 400W ”CLASS-D” power amplifier, with high power, low distortion, and excellent sound quality.
  • Switching power supply, lightweight, stable performance, 220V-240V power input.
  • Supports TWS Bluetooth connection. When a pair of CA15-2K is used in Bluetooth mode, the Bluetooth can be set at TWS status, pairing the systems for stereo playback.
  • Ultra-long delay time DSP setting, adjusting range is 0-100 meters, at 0. 25-meter increments.
  • Ultra-wide dispersion covering a wide audience area: 100 Horizontal x 70 Vertical.
  • AGERA ACOUSTICS telescopic height-adjustable stand.
  • No external speaker cable connection is required as cables are integrated within the telescopic stand with internal sockets.
  • Peak power 2200W

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