The CAD M179 combines a vintage capsule design with advanced electronics. The M179 features the dual pattern version of the original equitek e-300 capsule, an externally biased capsule with a gold sputtered 1.1″ diaphragm. Typical FET (field effect transistor) condenser microphones use discrete designs. This means they use individual transistors that must be carefully matched for proper characteristics. Even with careful matching, discrete designs are inherently nonlinear. M Series microphones use a different approach. We do not use any discrete FETs. Instead, we use advanced high speed OpAmps (Operational Amplifiers).
These OpAmps are individually laser trimmed for optimum performance and have very high gain. This allows a large amount of negative feedback to be used to significantly reduce any non-linearity. We have also integrated a new discrete high efficiency power supply circuit allowing greater dynamic range and lower self noise.
The CAD M179 combines an advanced headamp design, with extremely efficient power circuitry, and a vintage capsule design, resulting in superior transient response, low distortion, low noise, and high output level. The bottom line is we believe you will find the M179 to have a remarkably open and clean sound that will enhance any project.

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Type: Side address, external bias condenser
Frequency Response: 10-20 kHz
Polar Pattern:Variable
Impedance: 200 ohms
Sensitivity: -36 dBV (16mV) @ 1Pa
Equivalent Noise Level: 11 dB-A
Maximum SPL: 143 dB SPL (with pad)
Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 0.15%
Switches: High-pass filter, 20dB pad
High-Pass Filter: 100Hz, 6dB/octave
Powering: Minimum requirements are 24-52V phantom power capable of delivering at least 8 mA.
Connector: Three-pin male XLR type.
Finish: Durable charcoal gray urethane. Satin nickle plated front & rear screen.
Dimensions: 2.25″ (57.2 mm) Dia., x 7.00″ (177.8 mm) High
Net Weight: 17.8 oz. (506 grams)
Furnished Accessories: MZM-5 elastic suspension shock mount
Optional Accessories:
40-350 ………. 50 ft. broadcast-quality extension cable
…………………. terminated with professional 3 pin
…………………. male/female connectors
40-351 ………. 100 ft. broadcast-quality extension cable
40-352 ………. 25 ft. broadcast-quality extension cable

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