Fane Pro Audio – SV-118S Subwoofer



When you’re looking for a high-performance sub with thunderous low-end output, the compact SV-118S will not disappoint. Delivering exceptional, powerful and controlled low frequency audio with superior SPL as low as 35 Hz with a useful upper bass capability. Loaded with a high-excursion, premium Fane 18” (4” voice coil) drive unit with advanced motor system design results in an extremely fast bass response time. Overall the SV-118S is durable, portable and has exceptional sound quality making it ideal for a whole range of professional applications.

Constructed from 18 mm exterior grade, void-free, birch plywood. Low vibration walls and optimised ports successfully reduce air noise increasing overall dynamics and performance at high-output levels. The unit is finished, as standard, in proprietary black RockTex paint with a powder coated protective steel hexagon pattern grille fitted with an acoustic mesh backing. The enclosure can be used either singly or stacked, four side handles are available for ease of handling along with a 35 mm pole-mount fitting for combination with SV-8, 12 or 15 top cabs. The units rubber feet resist movement from vibrations and also align with recesses on the topside of the enclosure increasing stability when stacking. 

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  • 800 W RMS power handling.
  • 128 dB continuous SPL output.
  • Equipped with premium Fane driver.
  • 39 – 2500 Hz usable frequency range.
  • Void-free birch plywood enclosure construction.
  • Proprietary RockTex paint finish with matt black topcoat.
  • Twin Neutrik Speakon NL4 connectors.
  • 35 mm pole mount adapter.

  • Fixed supplementary bass reinforcement for medium sized clubs, bars, live music venues and theatres.
  • Portable supplementary bass reinforcement for medium sized clubs, bars, live music venues and theatres.

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